Cairns Trusted Audio Visual Professionals

If you are looking for expert advice in Audio Visual equipment and setup, you’ve come to the right place.  Frank Margiotta Audio Visual Professional Services have more than 40 years of experience selling, repairing, servicing and maintaining Professional Audio Visual equipment.  Don’t leave your audio visual needs to chance, get expert advice from true Cairns locals.


System Installs

You want to know your system is perfectly designed and installed to suit your venue.  Let us take care of this for you.

Equipment Maintenance

Prolong the life of your Audio Visual Equipment with regular maintenance and ensure it’s always running the way it should.

Servicing and Repairs

Put your equipment in the hands of Cairns most experienced Audio Visual Repair technicians.


System Design & Installation

Are you looking for a Professional Audio Visual system setup for your Cairns venue?

Here at Frank Margiotta, we have more than 40 years in the industry and can ensure that your system is perfectly designed and installed to suit your individual needs.

1. Initial Consultation

Our complimentary consultation is where we identify your Audio Visual needs.  Everything from speakers and amplifiers to monitors and consoles to systems and remotes.  Through this consultation we can ensure that you are provided with a setup that you can run with ease and rely upon for the long term.


2. Design

Having assessed your Audio Visual needs, we will design a system that is perfectly suited to your venue.  Ensuring that all equipment is placed for optimal results within your space and the equipment is the best quality available within your budget.

3. Demo

We invite you to our workshop on the Corner of Mulgrave Road and Aumuller Street, Cairns to see a live demonstration of the system and what you can expect from your setup.


4. Installation

Once you are ready to proceed, our expert technicians will install your system as agreed in a timely manner with minimal fuss.

5. Instruction

Of course, with any new system, it only works as well as the person driving it!  That’s why we provide comprehensive instruction on how to operate your system so you have a seamless transition and can start using it straight away.


6. Maintenance/Ongoing Support

Our specially trained technicians are extremely qualified to take care of any maintenance and servicing that your system may need.  If you are having troubles with your system, you can call us for remote support and we can usually walk you through the solution.  We also provide support for Nightlife products including Crowd DJ.

Frank Margiotta Audio Visual Professional Services are proud to be the primary contractor to Nightlife and Crowd DJ.  We will do the initial install and setup and provide phone support where required.

This platform allows your business to have handpicked music playlists so you can create the right atmosphere at the right time without having to worry about licensing or creating the playlists yourself.

Crowd DJ also allows your customers to select the music they want to listen to from your chosen playlists which engages them with your business even further and may just keep them there longer!

Equipment Maintenance

Having quality equipment is important if you want your setup to last a long time. Equally important is regular preventative maintenance of your equipment. Our recommendation is to have your equipment maintained by a specially trained technician every 3-6 months. Doing this will extend the life of your equipment and ensure that it is always operating at peak performance. We provide this as a mobile service so you don’t need to transport your equipment.


We come to you


Specially trained expert technicians


Well equipped workshop with specialised micro-electronic repair equipment


Most experienced and specialised Audio Visual Technicians in Cairns

Equipment Repairs & Servicing

When your equipment stops working, you need Cairns’ best Audio Visual Equipment repair
technicians to get you back up and running. At Frank Margiotta, with 40+ years in Audio Visual
Equipment repair, it’s rare for us to be presented with a problem we’ve never seen before. This
means, we are able to identify the source of the problem and repair your gear effectively and
efficiently. Our workshop is fully equipped with specialised equipment for micro-electronic repairs
ensuring a quality job every time.

We Repair and Service:


Professional Audio Production Equipment


Lighting Consoles


Speakers – both active and passive


Audio Consoles


Stage Equipment such as guitar amplifiers and lighting

We are authorised agents for:

We also commonly service:

In the event that it’s time to buy new equipment, we can help you with that too!